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Our simple hourly rates make our technical support easy and affordable for everyone.

VFix Tech support


Our experts will be there whenever and wherever you need them.

VFix online scheduling


Our technicians are one click or phone call away. You can make an appointment online or by phone.

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We aim to deliver the best customer service to our customers. It is our promise.

Prices Start at $59.99. No Hidden Fees. Period.

VFix Services

Smart Home Computer Services Handyman Services
VFix Onsite virus removal


We’ll sweep and check your PC for viruses and eliminate any possible threats that could be slowing you down. We will also focus on maintaining your PC’s security by taking care of viruses early to avoid file loss and data corruption.

VFix diagnostic and repair


Stay up and running with a computer checkup and allow us to troubleshoot any issues that might be preventing your PC from performing at an optimal level.

VFix electronic setup


We provide hardware and software installation, while specifically focusing on ways to increase your PC’s efficiency and usability.

VFix printer setup


We know how frustrating and confusing it is to setup a wireless printer. Our experts will not only setup and configure your new printer, but they will also teach you how to use all of its features and basic functions.

VFix Data Backup


You never think about data backup until it’s too late. We’ll help you securely backup and transfer your music, pictures and documents from your PC to the external storage you provide.

VFix wifi solutions


With our Wireless Networking solution we will install the necessary equipment to connect the devices to your new network. Also we will determine the possible problems on your current network.

VFix PC/MAC support


Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your PC or MAC? If you need a little help assessing your technology, this is what we do. Tell us your priorities, preferences, and needs and we’ll put together a customized plan to help you get what you want out of your technology.

VFix pc tune up


We’ll adjust important settings and remove unwanted programs to get your PC feeling like new again.

VFix Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Lets your voice command the house. Our Vfix Experts can setup your Alexa, Google Home, Home Pod and etc to connect all of your smart devices to it. Alexa! Turn on the TV!

VFix Smart Home Setup

Smart Home Setup

It not always easy to deal with bunch of smart home system and connect them all together but, we can make it easy. We will setup all of your smart home devices and connect them to the single hub. Now smart devices will work seamlessly with each others.

VFix Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

We know how frustrating is when you’re already in the bed but you forgot to turn of the light. Well, not anymore. Have our Vfix Expert to setup your smart lights then you can just simply turn it off with your phone. It’s that easy!

VFix Smart Lock

Smart Lock

We will replace your old door knob with the  smart one. Now you can forget to lock your door because you don’t need to worry about it anymore. With smart lock setup, Vfix Expert will configure the auto lock and all other security features to make sure your home is safe when you’re away!

VFix Smart Remote Setup

Smart Remote Setup

Can I have the remote for the TV? How about for the sound bar? Apple TV? Amazon Fire TV? Let our VFix Experts conveniently replace all of your home theatre devices' remotes with one smart universal remote or your smartphone!

VFix Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Save $150 by using the smart thermostat. No matter what brand you order, Our Vfix Expert can install and configure it for you. No hassle of dealing with wires and/or the complicated configuration of the device!

VFix Board Installation

Board Installation

It seems and easy installation but its not! You can get away from headache and have our expert to install the board for you first time completely safe with the right tools.

VFix Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

Instead of dealing with the weird instruction that no body can understand call us now for a quick quote. Our Experts can assemble the most complicated furnitures in less time with the right tools and inspect them for safety. Now you can sit and relax while we tae care of the job for you!

VFix Grill Assembly

Grill Assembly

Why to put 4 hours of your valuable time to build an frustrating grill when we can do it for you in less than hour and inspecting it for safety? Our Vfix expert have the all the necessary tools to assemble your heavy grill quick and easy. Now you can enjoy your steak worry free!

VFix Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Vfix it, so you don’t have to! Let us take care of the jobs that you don’t want to deal with it. Our handyman service will cover assemblies and mounting.

VFix TV Mount Service

TV Mount Service

Stop making holes into the wall to find the stud! Have our expert to take care of it for you. Its Not always easy to mount the TV on the wall. Our expert have the professional tools to find the stud and the best potion to secure your TV on the wall hassle free.